Logo Design Package

To simplify the answer to “How much does a logo cost?” I’ve created a basic package price, following a template that has produced good results again and again:

Logo package:

$1750 (approx 20 hours)
This process requires open communication, good listening, and is never the same experience twice.  Below is an idealized and averaged portrait of the process, and while it might not conform exactly, at the end of 20 hours, we should have something solid for you to take away.

If it becomes apparent that the client isn’t ready to make a final decision, or if the working chemistry is too problematic, the designer reserves the right to cancel the project. It is possible for partnerships, committees, and even husband-wife teams to seem to be ‘on the same page’ and then discover, during the process, that each in fact strives towards a conflicting outcomes, which hampers this process despite best intentions – and we recommend that clients have a single spokesman for your project’s intended outcome.

As much as the package price is to help with your budget, font license fees, stock image fees, and 3rd-party illustration work are extra to the package price. When budgeting for a logo design, allow extra if custom illustration fees or unique font licenses are involved. This will be open to negotiation once the process is underway – not all logos require extensive or complex illustration, and often this is moot.  After your logo is ‘done’ there may be additional costs to factor as well – see add’l services below.


Client is provided with black and white version, and color versions in pdf, png, and jpg formats. I often include a business card design to demonstrate contextual use. Brand use guideline documents are available.


The process usually requires a couple weeks from introduction to completion. See the package details below – the speed of the process is dependent upon the client’s deliverables and availability.


Package process:


Client provides:  50% non-refundable deposit, names of competitors, likes and dislikes in the marketplace, examples of color/style, and any materials already gathered for reference. I encourage you to develop a “swipe” file, where you can gather elements, colors, looks, etc that influence you. This can be as fancy as a Pinterest page, or as simple as an email with some pasted links. The essence of creativity is borrowing the best ideas from others that illustrate your brand goals, assisting me in transforming them to become your own.
I provide: online research looking at comparables, competitors, and establish a spread of reference materials to determine the boundaries of that what the logo should and shouldn’t be. It is usually at this time that we determine whether an outside illustrator will be necessary.


Client provides: clear guidelines for the project outcome. Once we have a few sheets of research in front of us demonstrating how it’s being done out there in and around your niche, it’s incumbent on us both to define our goals for the project.


I provide: from here I provide 6-12 sketches and raw-form idea for possible directions. If complex illustration is required, add’l hourly services (or stock fees) may apply.


Client identifies which directions are most productive, and if possible, narrow sketches down to one or two for iterative development and editing


I provide solid logo samples through iterative development based on client’s choices of sketched material – with numerous refinements and proofs adjusting line, proportion, color, scale etc – a narrowing process towards a specific goal.  If client decides to “go back to the drawing board” then we bill for the balance on the package price, and proceed hourly, to prevent goal posts from being moved endlessly.

Additional Services may include:

  • Brand guidelines pdf document. This can be for employees, archival purposes, and for giving to 3rd party vendors, listing all color and usage information  ($250)
  • White version with transparent background or other similar specialty uses for the web (hourly)
  • Custom sizes and adaptations for Facebook and Twitter banners, insets, etc.
  • Spot color separations for screenprinting (hourly)
  • Favicon and custom icon generation for web (hourly)
  • Vector art released to the client ($250)
  • ALL copyrights released to the client ($500 fee)